to the webpages of the orthopedic doctors’ office MD Harald A. Spitzer and his team.

The doctors’ office was found in 1998 by doctor Spitzer.

Since 2009, the office is QEP-certified.

The office covers the entire conservative orthopedic spectrum.
Surgeries can be carried out on an outpatient ( Dr. Ultes-Kaiser, Schulstr. 4, 66877 Ramstein) or inpatient (Nardiniclinic, St. Johannis hospital in Landstuhl) basis, depending on the indication.

The office also covers trauma surgical interventions; a license through statutory casualty insurances exists.
Acute and chronic sports injuries are treated as well in our office.

More information about the range of services can be found here.

Digital information via screen about all offers of the doctor’s office and further services can be obtained internally (TV- waiting room).

Sites have been translated by Ann Katrin König. For service please feel free to contact me.