MD. Harald A. Spitzerharald_Spitzer.jpg
Studies Places  
Human medicine Goettingen, Heidelberg, Mannheim
Belgium –Antwerp, Italy-Perugia and Ancona
Medical license 03-01-1992 Saarbruecken
Doctorate12-10-1997 Hannover
Specialist in orthopedicsbased on further education guidelines for physicians 15-04-1998 Neustadt an der Weinstrasse
Additional designation:
Physical therapy 07-08-1998 Neustadt an der Weinstrasse (N.  a.d.W.)
Chiropractic 10-01-1994 N. a.d.W.
Sports medicine08-12-1997 N. a.d.W.
Acupuncture03-28-2007 N. a.d.W.
Vocational studies and general studies:
Emergency services 09-23-1992 N. a.d.W.
Radiology 02-11-1998 Mainz
NMR for orthopedists October 2006 Berlin
Ultrasound of the apparatus of movement and infant’s hips 09-15-1998 N. a.d.W.
Further education authorization:
Orthopedics and trauma surgery 11-05-2009 Mainz
Ambulatory surgeries and arthroscopies 07-17-1998 N. a.d.W.
Further education:
Acupuncture A-Diploma 02-20-2000 Herrenberg
B-Diploma 05-23-2004 Wiesbaden
Osteology, DVO ( German Osteology Association) 04-11-2005 Kiel
Recertified 01-19-2012 Goettingen
Arlen’s Atlas therapy 11-18-2001 Bad Krozingen
Special orthopedic pain management 12-17-2006 Heidelberg
Psychosomatic primary care 06-24-2007 Wiesbaden
Contribution to cooperative treatments:
Helping Physician 08-03-1998 Heidelberg
Quality management
QEP-certification 12-03-2009 Fuerth
Osteopathy currently in progress
Special foot surgery with certificate September 2012 (GFFC = German Association for Foot Surgeries)
Extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy certified 06-16-2012 Berlin